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The Founder

kajal makwana

Ms. Kajal Makwana is a Counseling Psychologist (M.A. Counseling Psychology), Psychotherapist, Queer Affirmative Therapist, Mental Health First Aid Trainer, and Graphologist, based in Mumbai. She is one of the founding members of the Volunteer For India initiative supported by the U.S. Consulate General, Chennai, and Katradi.

Kajal is an eclectic practitioner. She is currently into corporate counseling and private practices. She is volunteering with The Qknit – LGBTQ+ Collective and leading their Mental Health Support Vertical. She regularly conducts workshops for several groups and spaces. She is an expert at the “Listening Circle” a mental health support group. Her work involves more than just counseling practices, she never misses an opportunity to advocate for mental health, gender, and sexual identity. She often conducts workshops in several communities in Dharavi, Mumbai in collaboration with World Vision India on various topics like understanding study techniques, managing exam stress, etc. Ms. Kajal conducts workshops and training frequently in educational institutes, corporate, and NGOs. She is a council member of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI ) – Mental Health Chapter – Maharashtra. 

Ms. Kajal is a mentor at Child Right and You (CRY) and Mental Health trainer at Celebrating Life Welfare Trust (CLWT) are the NGOs. She also worked on a project with the Red Dot Foundation (Safecity) named “The Railway Audit Project” to understand the amount and types of sexual harassment its impact on the commuter travel wellbeing and addressed commuter’s concerns in collaboration with General Railway Police Force (GRPF) and Spark India.

Kajal Makwana, is a founding member of Volunteer For India, NGO. Thirty-three changemakers from across India came together in February 2020 for a four-day immersive workshop to lay the foundations of India’s first national youth volunteer network, Volunteer for India. Driven by the U.S. Consulate in Chennai. 

What "The Giraffe Space" Logo Says?

The giraffe is the most empathetic animal with a big heart. The qualities that the giraffe holds make them unique and hugely special. They use their distinguishing potentials to survive and thrive, that gives us learning that a higher – outlook on the situation is important to gain more perspectives. Each one has unique talents and skills as the giraffe has, we just need to get into the process of realizing and make most of it, as the fact is our talents and skills cannot be taken away from us by anyone. Vulnerabilities can be worked upon by understanding and building our own support tool kits. As we become unapologetic about ourselves, we achieve new heights as we grow.

Taking the key learnings, “The Giraffe Space (TGS) – Truly your space! “ is created to provide you completely empathetic and non – judgmental space to help you face your vulnerabilities under the guidance of a therapist. TGS is a safe space to assist you to work towards your mental and emotional health concerns. TGS intent to proffer psychological services, provide space for your real self – expression, conduct well – being sessions, workshops and trainings, work towards your professional and career development, and to promote content to help you gain more insights on regular basis.